Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning

More efficient production starts with consistent color strength

Daily cleaning is critical given current standards for printing inks and the use of increasingly fine anilox rolls. To ensure a standardized transfer in volume, the
it is necessary to clean at every color change.

This cleaning can be done manually daily using an automatic dosing system or periodically.

Periodic cleaning
chemical washing

Manual cleaning

For manual cleaning, the employee puts a bucket of detergent on the pump after each color change and circulates it for at least three minutes.

It then runs the normal wash program in order to rinse out the detergent and/or flush for two minutes with clean water if the wash program is not present.

For manual cleaning, Grafilox has several cleaning agents in its range.

Periodic cleaning

Periodic cleaning is essential because there is no cleaning system that cleans 100%. It is therefore necessary to perform regular periodic cleaning. For example, twice a week for used anilox rolls.

This can be done by using Grafilox Anilox Cold. It is mixed at a ratio of 1 to 4 with water and added directly to the pump during the printing process.

The solution then circulates for a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour as normal printing ink, providing thorough cleaning.