Designed to support your daily cleaning needs

Discover our wide range of products designed to support your daily cleaning needs.

Whether it’s maintaining your printing machines, keeping ink mixing kitchens clean, cleaning flexo printing forms, anilox rolls or even taking care of floors:

We have the solutions you need.

Our cleaning solutions

Grafilox Strong

Grafilox Flexocleaner

Grafilox Limescale (daily)

Anilox Cleaner Cold (periodic)

Anilox rolls and anilox sleeves

Your equipment in top condition

With our specially developed products, you can rely on efficient and thorough cleaning, keeping your equipment and work environment in top condition at all times.

Find out today how Grafilox can help you maintain a clean and professional production environment.

Specially designed to meet all your daily cleaning needs

With its odorless formula and minimal foaming, Grafilox’s products provide an effective and pleasant cleaning experience.

Our cleaning products are safe for aluminum and other soft metals, allowing you to clean your equipment with peace of mind.

In addition, all of our cleaners are completely biodegradable within just 21 days, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

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