More efficient production starts with a constant color strength.

In order to keep the volume of the anilox roll at the required level, daily cleaning is very important for the graphic printing industry. Every printing company needs its own solutions for this.

Grafilox offers a complete range of chemical cleaning products that are tailored to your machine(s). These meet all legal requirements in the area of safety for people and the environment.

If daily cleaning is performed consistently, deep cleaning is needed less often. By daily cleaning your anilox rolls you save costs, such as:

  • Reduction of unplanned machine downtime.
  • Longer service life of printing forms, anilox- and dosing rolls.

Daily Cleaning

With the current standard of printing inks and the use of increasingly fine anilox rolls, daily cleaning is of the greatest importance.

To achieve a standardized transfer of ink volume, we recommend cleaning the rolls after every color change. This can be done in two ways, manually or with an automatic dosing system.

Manual Cleaning
With manual cleaning the employee puts a bucket of detergent on the pump after each color change and circulates it for at least 3 minutes. He then carries out the normal washing program to rinse out the cleaning agent. Grafilox has various cleaning products in its range for this.

Automatic Dosing System
If your printing machine has a semi-automatic or fully automatic washing system, it can be equipped with an Automatic Dosing System.
By means of a 24 volt signal, the dosing system automatically takes over the cleaning as soon as the system is started.

Grafilox Dosing System
The Grafilox Dosing System works as follows:

Schematic representation of a dosing system.

The printer receives the complete dosing system including water meter, valves and control units from Grafilox on loan. There are no costs attached to this. The printer carries out the installation of the dosing system himself, with the necessary support by Grafilox.

The use of the dosing system is also free of charge. The condition is that the printer only uses Grafilox cleaning agents, as long as he has the dosing system on loan. This period is agreed mutually and lasts at least 6 months. If the contract is not renewed, the dosing system will be taken back by Grafilox.

Periodic Cleaning

There is no 100% cleaning system. Therefore, it is necessary to perform regular (for example: weekly) periodic cleaning on the contaminated anilox rolls.

For periodic cleaning, Grafilox offers the product ANILOX COLD. This is mixed 1 to 1 with water and placed directly on the pump when printing. This cleaning agent is then circulated for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour as normal printing ink.

Six Color Dosing System on a Martin 1628.
Mixing Station for daily and periodic cleaner.

Laser Cleaning

In addition to a complete range of cleaning products for daily cleaning, Grafilox offers laser cleaning for periodic deep cleaning.

Compared to other techniques, laser cleaning with a high-quality fiber laser is the most effective and cost-effective cleaning technique. Due to the power of the short pulses of the laser light, the anilox rolls are cleaned without damage.

And if the laser cleaning is carried out by well-trained and experienced technicians, it is also a safe and environmentally friendly way to optimally clean your anilox rolls.

After each laser cleaning, a report with a pre- and post-measurement will be presented, including microscopic photos of your anilox roll. By means of this report you can determine the result of the cleaning by the laser cleaning.

We can carry out this cleaning on site or at our location in Dongen, the Netherlands. This is possible 7 days a week. In addition, Grafilox takes care of the transport of your anilox roll (two-ways).

Do you want to know what laser cleaning can offer you? We are happy to visit you for a free inspection of your anilox rolls. You will receive a report with an analysis of the volume of your anilox rolls, including microscopic photos. The volume of your anilox roll can be restored to the state of the technically new roll by laser cleaning at a fraction of the cost of a new anilox roll.

Anilox Rolls and Sleeves

We offer recoating as well as new rollers and sleeves from ALT, which best suit your needs. We take care of the entire process in-house: new body, plasma and finish.

The delivery time of these rollers is our strong point. The delivery time for recoating is only 10 working days and for a completely new roller only 4 working weeks. You also get a 100% guarantee on your roller or sleeve.

Grafilox is happy to relieve you, because here too we take care of the entire transport!

Doctor Blade Systems

The correct doctor blade system is a very important part of the printing process. A good distribution of the ink over the roller ensures an optimal printing result.

It is not enough just to look at the type of doctor blade used during flexo-, gravure coating, laminating and other processes. The blade angle, pressure and the complete process are just as important. Unfortunately, there is a lot of chaff under the grain: doctor blades and lower quality doctor chambers, which cause problems during production.

Based on years of experience with printing systems and cleaning processes, Grafilox can provide the best technical support and advise you on the correct chamber doctor blade system for your printing machine.

Grafilox supplies various types of doctor blades of the highest quality. These doctor blades can be of various types of plastic or of stainless steel with various finishing techniques, such as ceramic coating.

Grafilox doctor chambers are user-friendly and ensure good quality due to the optimal distribution of the inks. Grafilox supplies different types of carbon fiber doctor chambers. These doctor chambers perfectly match your anilox roll and have many advantages, such as:

  • A very high duarability.
  • Easy to clean after use.
  • No corrosion from your water inks or maintenance products.
  • Easy to disassemble.
  • Easy to change your Doctor Blades.
  • Lightweight.
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