Grafilox: Cleaning and
Print Solutions

Grafilox offers products and services for the following graphic printing techniques:
wide web (flexible and paper), label, offset and coating industry.

We offer our customers a complete solution for the use and maintenance of their printing press.

Good maintenance and appropriate products play a distinctive role in the constant quality of your printing and the lifetime of your machine(s).

Water- and solvent-based cleaning products for the printing industry. Environmentally friendly, VOC-free and composed according to EU regulation.

Environmentally friendly, precise and inexpensive. The strong laser pulses generate a thermal pressure that leads to sublimation and the emission of the pollution.

Anilox Rolls and Sleeves made of steel, aluminium or stainless steel with a lightweight tube construction for easy handling.

Doctor Blade Chambers made from woven carbon fiber with quick doctor blade replacement. Doctor blades of carbon steel, stainless steel and various synthetics.

Grafilox offers you total control in the printing process

Production, research and development.

Quality is one of our most important added values. The quality standards used by Grafilox translate directly into the quality of the products to our customers. We guarantee that our customers can rely on the highest possible quality.

In addition, we are constantly improving our processes and ensure that our knowledge remains up-to-date, so that we can provide you with the very best service today, but also in the future.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015
  • SEVESO III (BRZO-2015)
  • REACH knowledge